Monday, July 9, 2012

Weightloss Monday is here + How I

I have been getting stronger! I love how much firmer I feel. I am starting to see changes in the shape of my body. My love handles are getting smaller and my butt and thighs are getting stronger. I only lost 1 pound this week which means I am back down to 159 but I am confident that this strength training and workout sessions I have been doing are going to make big changes in my weightloss rut.

This past week's work out routine was:

Monday >>  Nothing
Tuesday >> Nothing
Wednesday >> Elliptical 45 minutes + Thighs and Abs 20 minutes
Thursday >> Elliptical + abs 10 minutes
Friday >> 3 mile walk + Thighs and Abs 20 minutes
Saturday >> Elliptical 35 minutes + Thighs and Abs 20 minutes
Sunday >> Elliptical 40 minutes + Thighs and Abs 20 minutes

The thigh and ab work outs I have been doing I found on {The Shine Projects} website. She is an amazing blogger and person and her sister has killer work outs. Here is the link for the work out page. You should try it! The first time I did the thigh one, I could barely walk for 4 days {not kidding}.

Start Weight: 228
Current Weight: 159

{Starting Weight Photo's}
CarliAnn192 Before weightloss 

{This Weeks current Photo's}
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So how am I staying motivated and how do I not let a bad day, a bad moment or a bad weekend not net me down. I am NOT going to give up. I want to be healthy and lean and fit so so bad that I will not give up. I will only try harder and harder until I am there, because one day I will look back and be like "it was so worth it". Every bead of sweat and every time I passed by the ice cream section or said no to a cookie, I will have put up a fight. A good fight between that healthy skinny person that is inside me somewhere. I only stay motivated because I want it so bad, because I wake up every day and say to myself I can kick this weights butt. I will dominate today. I will make today EPIC! 

You can too. After your coffee or shots of energy tell yourself {out loud} I will make today EPIC. I will make changes today. I will be happy with myself when I go to bed and I will be the person I want to be today. It starts with now. 

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  1. Wow! What an incredible achievement! I have been looking at your progress the last few weeks and am so dumbfounded! Great job. I know it's hard work. I struggle myself!