Monday, July 30, 2012

Weightloss Monday {a good read this week}

This week I battled. Not with weight loss, but with in myself. I battled because I felt like was "deserving" of unhealthy food because I have been doing so well. If you are a woman, you may have felt this way a time or two yourself. We have all been there and myself, I kept coming back to thinking that way. I was good all week and kept reminding myself that I don't "deserve" unhealthy, food but that my body "deserves" healthy food. I started reminding myself that this is it. This is my life. It is happening now. It is raw, it is real. It is beautiful in a pile of ugly. It is simple or the most complicated thing we have. We are the deciders of our lives. We make our own rules, or at least the decision to follow others rules. This past week, I feel like my mind is evolving. I can feel it. I am not only choosing healthier, I am thinking healthier. This is something I have battled for years, thinking healthy now just for short term but long term. I was a Vegan for 5 years, but I was way skinny, had nearly zero muscle, and only cared about how clothes looked on me {Nothing else}. If someone looked at me and knew I was Vegan, they would probably say, wow she was healthy. I was not. I ran 5 miles nearly every day, but was dizzy almost everyday. I ate a ton of food and was never really hungry, but my hair was frizzy and unhealthy, my nails never grew. Little things like that should have been red flags to a healthy person. I know now. I know that eating food is what we do everyday to keep yourself alive and thriving. Alive and thriving. I want to eat foods that cure the body not slowly act as poison. I want food that nourish me, not disable me from wanting to get up after a meal. If I am what I eat, I want to be fruits and veggies and lean meats with sprinkles or herbs and spices. I want flavors to excite me, not mound of sugar in ice and cream. Over these years I have come to find that some food fuel me {fruits, veggies, some lean meats} and others bring me down and cause bloating, lethargy and mood changes {dairy, processed foods, sugar}. I want to change, but I am not going to say a fresh start. Its not that it's just work. Work on my mind. Constant internal training to continue with my weight loss journey. I am here. I will always be here improving myself. If you want it too, join me in a link up party. Share your success, or battle or thoughts. I would love to hear and I am sure my reader will also read in delight to real and raw women sharing the truth to weight loss or thinking and being healthy consistently.

Also I am think of changing the name of this series. Something like "Fit Mind, Fit life. How I am getting there"  or "Fit Mind. Fit Life. Fit Me. Fit Mondays" What do you guys like better?

Weightloss This week: 
Start Weight: 228
Current Weight: 158 {lost a half a pound, almost in the 157}

<<< Start Weight Photo's >>>
CarliAnn192 Before weightloss 

<<< Current Weightloss Pics >>>

p.s. Woke up bloated and craving chocolate. I am also wearing clothes today because I got a huge coffee burn all over my tummy and it's gross.
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  1. I hope your coffee burn doesn't hurt too much! Keep going. I am trying to eat healthily this summer and after one week I then went back to eating fatty food. My stomach was so unwell, I have seen first hand what that stuff does to me.

    Menu planning and being with A over the summer means cooking for myself and healthier options.

    Keep going.


    I liked the second name best. x

  2. WOW, girl! You look flippin amazing! Keep it up love!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. You look fantastic and you should be proud of yourself. :) I like "Fit Mind, Fit Life."

  4. I have hardly any money to buy food right now so the only stuff i will buy is strick Paleo. i have no other options but eat good! I did go out of town this past weekend and ate fast food twice and felt like shit.

  5. You look amazing and I really love reading your blog. Keep up the wonderful work, you are an inspiration.

  6. You look amazing Mandi, you are truly and inspiration. Your blog is a great read as well. You are completely honest and open and that is what is so unique about you. Keep giving hope to those that are struggling and let them know this is real. You are real!