Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sale Sale Sale for the 4th!

Fourth of July is fast approaching! For any case that includes at least one color (red, white or blue), you order I will provide you with a special coupon code of 25% off!!!! Happy Fourth and message me for the sweet deal!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Series launching near you!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm back from a long blogging vacation lets see what I've been up too

Oh boy it's been a while. I am sure that I wasn't missed much since there are so many great and devoted blogger out there.

It's been a while and there have been many reasons for my little (scratch that long) disappearance.

For one my business has me so busy making sure all orders get out that I really don't have much time for anything else besides my number one job, being a mother and wife.

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Recently my youngest daughter was also diagnosed as Autistic and it just so happens that she is on the lower scale which means she is a low functioning autistic. Now just like I wrote when I found out our oldest daughter was diagnosed with high functioning Autism, this label does not define her. She is still a sweet spirited and adorable little girl and nothing will change the love I carry in my heart for her. It's been a while since, she has 4 different kinds of therapy (speech, behavioral, occupational and a second speech and she is in the UC Davis mind institutes PATH study for infants with Autism. She is starting all these classes and therapies and I know that she will just continue to blossom each and ever day and the more time I can devote to her and her learning to more everyone else will be able to see a difference. It has been hard and stressful creating long days and even longer nights but I know that my husband and I were meant to have these amazing children and each day we teach them, in reality they teach us more about life everyday.

For a time my husbands health wasn't the the best and it sent us to the er and many doctors. He is much better now and has lost 23 pound, eating healthy and stabilized.

Then of course launching this new line of high end leather products took a lot of time designing, patterning and and learning the leather craft business. I have a few products right now up on my websites but its just the beginning. What I am working on now is going to be amazing!

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I am glad that I have some time now that things have settled and the girls schedules have been setup I can squeeze in some blogging time because I sure have missed it.

Oh and I re dyed my hair so now I am a burgundy brunette...

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Monday, January 28, 2013

People are more than what they seem

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Oh Monday and your mounds of weekend fun now piled messy everywhere

People are more than an event a moment in time
People are not a single fight.
People are not a nasty sentence
People are messy and choose to show a side sometimes not always good. 
People are more than moments.
Remember most people you might never Truly know.

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and that is the baby

You may not know their battles, there own fight with in themselves
to this I say show kindness
For one day you might say something you wish 
you didn't, you might share an unkind side of yourself
and you will wish someone was kind to you 
because kindness might be exactly 
What they need.

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To live a life of abundant kindness
could be the greatest legacy you could ever hope to leave.
In our simple lives and dirty world 
fight against with abundant kindness
Shock everyone and infect them with your light of abundant kindness. 


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sick babies 

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Ya know me, just watching "the blue Lagoon" with Chloe