Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's a big reveal!

It's time for the Big reveal! Well, a late big reveal since I ran out of time yesterday then fell asleep after the kids went to bed {which is at 8pm} instead of stay up like the non-crazy 25 year old I am... Anyway, this month I joined an amazing group of women devoting some of their own time this month to help promote and share some blogger love for us newbies or for anyone looking to score more followers. I am happy to report that I went from just 37 followers this month and now at the end, I have 53 followers!!! I did receive most of those from {Covered In Graces} giveaway this month that I put product into, but others did come from other avenues as well.

Can I get a drum roll please....


{Jenn from @ Dainty Revelations}

She is super sweet and has some wonderful posts! What did I do to promote her? I tweeted a few of her blog posts, I added her to my "Follow Friday" crowd on twitter. I added her button to my blog. I kept her blog on my bookmarks bar so I could read up everyday. I followed her ever way that was possible.  I did extend a hand and offered a guest post on my blog or a guest post swap, but it didn't end up happening. 

If you want to join this awesome community and meet and great and get your blog promoted there is another blogger Angel group next month! 

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  1. Better late than never Durbs! And thanks so much for spreading the bloggy love. I can't thank you enough in fact for taking part and taking the time to make another blogger smile.

    Congratulations on the new followers. I'm glad people are recognising your gorgeousness.


    Rosie xx