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Hello, Welcome to my blog! I am a stay at home momma too my two amazing little girls. My oldest is Chloe {2 years old} and Carli {who is just 8 months}. I have an amazing husband whom I have been sharing my life with for almost 7 years now. I am a very passionate person and I have a great passion for creating. I find myself designing pretty things for my home, girls and accessories for myself most of the day and when I can use those designs or ideas I find {on my Pinterst page} I with feel this itch until I have created it. This is why I decided to open up my own shop. My Grand opening is June 1st, 2012 and I am thrilled. You can find me {Here} or {Here}. This is me, this is what my blog is about. Changing my life for the better, overcoming hurdles, inspiring others, creating beautiful things and most of all, sharing my love for this one life I have.

{My Husband and my 2 year old}

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We have been parents for 2 years and 3 months and since then we have changed so much like any normal blooded parent has. Since this time we also became parents again and since then we have grown more than ever. Patience, is being taught every minute of everyday. We love both our girls so much and much of the time we talk about how surreal it is that we are parents and have these amazing girls who sometimes teach us more than we teach them. 

{Here is something from my closet}

I love fashion. I love patterns that pop and colors that move me. I am all about earth tones during the winter and pretty pastels in the summer like so many people out there, but I try to make my outfits my own. If you want to follow my #fashiondiaries you can follow me on Instagram. My Instagram name is @durbfamily . 

{Here is a Snap Shot from our Wedding}
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This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my husband. We have a love story of how we met. When I first moved into town, I knew no body, so I decided to take a Friday night ball room dance class so I could get out. On my first night of class my husband {Brian} was there. He cracked a joke and then asked me to be his dance partner and ever since, we have been dancing through all of life's ups and downs. 

{My Chloe bug at play}
Being a stay at home momma, the park is my bestfriend. I find myself there often with the girls for fresh air and since there are like 5 parks every which way, I can run to different ones while getting the girls out and getting in my workout. Nice right? I am thinking of two birds and a stone. {Wink Wink}

{This is my little Carli girl. We call her "Sauce" because she's so sweet she goes with everything}
This is my youngest little lady. Not much to say here but "OMG, that pout is going to be trouble later on in life!"

{Okay, I am kind of a goof ball}
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I can be a total goof ball to despite my being and OCD neat freak who is a super perfectionist. 

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