Saturday, July 21, 2012

No More Boring Saturdays

Saturdays can get pretty boring in our house. Me and my hubby are usually so tired from the week, we take turns sleeping in and or napping. Yep, you read right. We are boring. We play with the kids and maybe do a house project or two. The kids are getting bigger and more and more active every day so I realized that I need to make our weekends EPIC. Not every weekend of course because we as parents do need to unwind from these long weeks, but today I am listing free local things to do. The goal is to do one of them each Saturday. 

1. Farmers Market. We eat fruit a lot. Take the kids and make it fun and a learning experience. 
2. Find the sheep. Our city has sheep that graze on the grass to fend off summer fires, so you can drive around and find a huge heard of sheep. 
3. Hit the Mall's play zone. Get the kids out of the heat but sill enjoy play time.
4. Go to the library. take the kids to the library for a short period of time. Pick out books and come back home. they might be little, but they can pick out books. 
5. Movie night in the park. It happens every Friday night a few towns away. Make the effort and go. 
6. Find an empty park and play on it with the kiddo's. Basically turn yourself into a kid. 
7. Find a lake and visit. Show the kids the fish and water. 
8. Go for a long family walk. 
9. Visit a children's Museum {When we have the $}
10. Invite yourself over to a friends house. First must make a friend. lol.

I will think of more and maybe update this list next week and show what we did today. 

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