Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Fashion + Shop Shout out

Recently I won an awesome giveaway over at {A Bit of Lovely} from {Favorite Moments}. I am so in love with these shoes and was so impressed with the wrapping and bag that came with them. Today I am giving a shout out to the owner of this amazing baby show company.

I chose {these} shoe and {these} shoes. They are so so cute and very versatile. I love how they go with most all of her outfits and keep her toes warm in our air conditioned home. They stay on and the yarn used screams high quality.

I am very picky about promoting shops and once I find companies I love. I stick to that "brand". I've been a burts bees fan for probably a century and I love love love anthropology nearly every season. 

Check out how cute my little Carli looks in them! 

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Oh and just check out how cute they are in the bags they come in!


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