Saturday, July 14, 2012

I bet you didn't know. A share and tell

I bet you didn't know...

I went to a small private school and the semester I graduated, I was the only one to graduate. They had the whole school at a graduation ceremony just for me. It was super embarrassing. But also kinda cool.

I'd rather drive a stick shift and before I had kids I use to go "vroom vroom!"

I was homeless once.

I eat carrots and heart carrot juice, but I am practically blind.

I love sports but I can't watch them on tv. Only live shows for me. P.s. I love love love cage fighting; However, that I can watch on tv.

I was in ballet for 8 years. P.s. I am the worst dancer currently.

I was homeschooled till I was 13 and one time the curriculum talked about how kids back in the day use to blow up pigs bladders to make a ball. So... This one day... Yes my mom bought and blew up a pigs bladder for us to play with. And we did. {insert gross face here}

I think I was part fish as a child because me and my friends would be at the pool or beach from dawn to dusk. Only took breaks for lunch and dinner. I was really tan too.

I haven't had a new bathing suit in 9 years.

Watching the news depresses me. seriously. I only get news from my husband and even he is limited to how much he can tell me or I'll cry or get so pissed I wanna punch someone.

I watch 'because I said so' when ever I miss my mom and sister because it's so us... I've probably seen it like 300 times. Not kidding.

I'd rather own a farm that produces almonds and walnuts. A girl can dream.

Every 6 months I get in the mood for a new genre of music. Currently it's pop and hip hop. A few months ago it was hard core and classic rock. Before that all country. I rotate.

I get nervous every time I post a blog post because I wonder if they get read and if I'll be judged.

I love everybody minus 5 people In the world and only because they did unspeakable things to me.

Okay so I should probably leave some bit of mystery. Hope all of you lovely readers enjoyed today's share and tell.
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  1. Awesome post! Here via the Blog Hop, following now :)

  2. I do the same with music. when all else fails i love classic rock.