Sunday, September 30, 2012

Excerpts from a Mothers Life

Life can carry so many emotions and events to back them. So, I decided to catalog things that have been said in our home this weekend.

 It's Sunday night at 7pm and we are watching Finding Nemo for the second time today. What has happened to us?

"Don't bang your sisters head with that"

"awe crap, how do you get a huge sucker out of a babies hair again?"

"I think I am getting sick" 

"Uhg, I am sick"

"Carli! What is that in your mouth?"

"What did I eat today?" Followed by "Are you sure I ate that today?"

Me "Good Morning hunny, how did you sleep? 
hubby. "Um, Mandi it's 4am" 
Me "Oh crap. Why are the kids awake then?"

"When is it their bedtime?"

Me. "P Sherman. 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney Australia"
Hubby: word 

"What time is it again? Is it their bedtime yet?"

"We need to hire a babysitter"

"Oh sorry, she's teething. Watch your fingers. She bites"

"I refuse to clean the kitchen for the 3d time today"

"OMG I am so excited for when I can teach them Chores!"

"I am so tired. I don't know why, but I am" Hubby. "It's because we didn't sleep last night" Me: "Oh yeah"

"I got the last diaper. It's your turn"

"Could you please put on a kids movie. They are driving me nutts"

"Can Mommy  have her iPhone back please?" Child. "no please"

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