Friday, September 21, 2012

"Niche" A must read for all bloggers and women


When I joined the blogger world, I had no idea what I was getting into. The graphic designing and "self promoting" to get more follower and coming up with good content and well written pieces everyday while trying to stand out amoungst the overwhelming amount of other really good bloggers that I practically drool over because their lives or life's on the blog look incredible and I become a little jealous.

I have only been blogging for 7 months now and I have truly been struggling internally with who I am and how everything I do is a reflection of me and how I can handle changing constantly and consistently to become the woman, mother, home maker, wife, business woman etc. Basically I want all my hats to be balanced and happy.

I tend to feel inspired when fall approaches because its my favorite time of the year. I love the colors around me and in the stores. I love the comfy mushy sweaters that I live in at home. I love blankets, and books and hot cooco and coffee galore. I love the fall spirit. I love the life I have during this time. Minus the stressful crazy shoppers, and broke budget from shopping and all the birthdays of course, but over all this time of year speaks to me. It may be genetic, because I know that as I am writing this right now my mother is probably thinking the same thing. we both feel moved by this time of year and both of us carry happy spirits and are truly inspired by ever corner we turn.

Since fall is approaching and the colors are popping up everywhere, I can't help but feel inspired and moved. Inspired is really to small of a word for what I have been feeling.

I feel more like a fire has been lit in me. Over these 7 months I felt lost because as it turned out I did not know me. I felt lost and like I couldn't reach who I was. There was a time in my life where I knew who I was. I was a writer, a good writer. I sketched and journaled. I crafted just because it made me happy. I baked sweet treats to sooth a sad soul every so often. I went sight seeing just because I was board and need to feel enlightenment. I didn't want much because I felt so pleased with what I had then {which wasn't much}. I woke up with yoga and music. I went to bed sketching, then journaling then reading. I slept and worked out more and longer. Things still stressed me out, I still had many responsibilities. I had a job and a boyfriend {whom now is my hubby}. I was in balance and some how over these 7 years I lost it.

I know what happened. I had kids, I got married and my list of "to-do's" just piled up and slowly I put my self on the back burner. And even more slowly I became bitter because I didn't feel calm or complete. I feel like nothing is ever going to be finished or end. I feel like their isn't enough time in the day to get everything I want and need to get done. I feel like as soon as I finish a list of "to-do's" there is a brand new list right behind it and waiting to be done. By time I go to be {like 10 or 11pm} it may be the first time I have sat down all day. Most days I dread waking up because it's a drill over and over. I began to dislike my life and self which is just silly because I am a mother too two adorable children that deserve a happy fulled mother who brings joy to their lives. I began to see my marriage as to-do or chore. I think daily how I can do something to make my husband happy and sometimes he gets pushed off the list because I have too much to do and this is unacceptable.

For too long life has been just a list of completed tasks and thing "to-do". I will still rely on lists to do what I have too, but all of this thinking and feeling lost has opened up a window with fresh air {If you will}. I feel like blogging has pushed me and is changing me into what I want to be like and how I want people to perceive me. I want to be what I share. I want to be raw and real and not embarrassed to be raw and real all the time. I want to move people and I know how I am going to do it now.

Niche, every good and well established blogger has one. Casey Wiegand is gorgeous and artsy, and every woman who reads her practically drools over her life. Dana from the Wonder Forest amazes us all with her cool and trendy style and her amazing business and blogging skills. Ashley from The Shine Project is constantly showing compassion and her love for life and helping high school students go to college is truly amazing. Her business scence and amazing personal style inspires so many women out there. And Kristina from the Streeters Unlimited is amazing because of how kind she is and how much she helps bloggers and etsy shop owners out with her A-list. She is such a beautiful person and everyone who reads her can't help but smile.

All of these amazing women have wonderful and successful blogs. I read them religiously and I do this because their "niche" speaks to me. I too drool over Casey's life, Dana's business sense and success, Ashley's and Kristina's kindness and compassion.

Now I too know and have realized my "niche". I know now what I want my blog to "be about". I know what I want people to come to me for.

Balance. I want balance in my life. I want to feel complete and free and natural. I want to live healthy and be fit. I want my children to grow up manners, and smiling faces. I want my husband to always know that he is deeply loved and that just saying it isn't enough. I want him to see my love daily. I want family to think I have it all together. I want my friend to know they can come to me for anything {but my family does come first}. I want to feel calm, cool and collected while balancing the budget, the home and "to-do" lists. I want to feel like a 50's wife but with a "this era" vibe. I want to be able to find myself in love with life again. I want to wake up again and be life "Thank you Lord, for giving me another day. I am ready to rock today. I am ready to love and handle my shit today. Sorry for cussing God." I want my life to feel fulfilled and balanced.

I want this because balance is what I always struggle with and usually my answer is to just get more done in a day so one day I can rest. This resting thing never happened and I usually fine myself burnt out, stressed out, sleep deprived and mad at myself.

I am just so happy now. This week I have been thinking all about this feeling of being "lost" and my endless lists and just feeling out of wack and since I have slowed life down and am taking breaks with the kids. I smelling the fresh air and working daily and keeping balance I am just so excited about this life I am living and how I plan to balence all my "hats".

I hope you too, my lovely readers will come to know me. Getting to know me deeply, know my spirit and how raw and real I can get. I hope you are all ready to watch me work daily. Having, sharing and showing a balanced life. I know I will have failures and I am absolutely NOT perfect which will also be shared. As I constantly work at life I will use my blog as a journal and an inspiration board for the life I will be living and no longer just thinking "one day I will have that life".

Life is now.

It is real and raw and unless I enjoy today and balance life now it will pass me by all too quickly and then one day I will be much older and still saying "one day".

Working toward a balanced and fulfilled life. One day at a time.


  1. Love this mandi sooo true I can relate in so many ways!!

  2. I really enjoyed this post and found myself shaking my head in agreement with each sentence :) I agree with we all have to find a "niche", but more importantly we all have to find our voice. I am sure Casey and Ashley have the same struggles that we do in terms of coming up with content and juggling it all, but they have found their voices, and that is what sets them apart and keeps us coming back for more :) Good luck in your blogging journey!! xo