Friday, September 28, 2012

How do you take it?


If you were to see pictures of me as a child, you would think Chloe is my clone. She is the spitting image of me as a youngster and her personality is her own, but I see "me" in her all the time. For instance she is a little controller. Earlier this week she was playing at her Toddler Talk class for kids with special needs and she was telling this little boy what to do the whole time. She gave instructions like "Sit here" next to me , "Put here" the apple on this wall branch. During snack time he started choking and she ran over and patted him on the back and said "all better". She is such a little mommie/mini me it's crazy. Then I starting to realized that despite her Mandi type characteristics, she is her own little person and personality and through out her life I am going to have to remind myself of that. 

For it is too easy to think well she is exactly like me so I will know all of her teenager tricks. I know how she will handle things, because that's how I did it.... It's to easy to assume to jump to conclusions and I know this will be a struggle for me, thankfully I have little things that bring me back. Little things like how she takes her toast reminds me that she is not defined by her "Mandi genes" or her autism or anything else that labels her. She is Chloe and she is ever changing. 

As a child I was a comfort eater. When I was sick I would get toast with peanut butter and diced banana's and if I wasn't sick I would have butter and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on it. My husband likes special jellies or apple butter.

As I was making toast with peanut butter and sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar for Chloe this morning. I noticed that we are all individualistic in our own way. I think that even something as simple as how we take our toast defines us and our preferences.

So how do you take your toast? I would love to hear and the more unique the better!

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