Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day four. Zoo Day. Part 2.

We visited the Denver Zoo 4 days in and for the first time took our kids. First time parents at a entertaining park was a moment I never want to forget. The looks on their faces of wonder and excitement and a bit of fear was priceless. Chloe first saw the monkeys and we knew she was a fan of the zoo as she kept saying “Ee, Oo, ah, ah”. Moments like that melted our hearts. She was finally old enough and able to understand that she was near the animals we show her on picture books. It was almost official that we are parents of a kid and not just two babies. We took snack breaks and picture breaks. We Ooo’d and Awe’d frequently. We locked ourselves in the family restroom while I turned into a diaper changing factory, reapplied sun block filled juice and milks, took a breath and emerged to tackle the other half of the park. As hours passed by, and the kids started looking droopy, we decided to leave before our luck of happy and well behaved kids took a turn for the worst. Before we left, we did something I never dreamed of before but now do.
It was so fun to let Chloe pick something out of the gift shop as our parents had allowed us to do so so many years before. The Drive home was long like the drive up, but this time both kids passed out asleep. Ready to head back to the time share for snuggle time and cartoons.
Success is what happened that day. We went we saw, we cherished and we ducked out before success ran out.

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  1. Oh so much fun! I cannot wait to take Bentley to the Seattle Zoo! :)

    Awesome pictures as well!