Monday, May 28, 2012

Weight loss Monday {tips and tricks}

It's that time of the week again! It's weight loss Monday! I will be honest in saying that I did not do good this last week as I always end up doing bad during this "time of month". Tmi Tmi, but I'm being honest. Anyway I did work out a lot more this week. I spent most my days on the elliptical and doing ab work outs and some strength training. I did go on 2 short runs but the heat made me sick both times. Last week I was asked how I did all this. How did I lose so much weight already? I decided to make today's weight loss post about tips and tricks I used to loose the weight I have lost this far.

Starting weight:228
Current weight: 156

{Starting Weight Photo}

Before weightloss CarliAnn192

{Current Weight Photo}

400 400

{Tips and tricks}

Make a shelf with only food you can eat in your fridge and or pantry and that is your shelf. You must ignore the tasty food on the other shelves.

Mix up your meals. I change my meal plans about every 1-2 weeks so I don't get board. Example: one week I'll have {B} oatmeal, coffee {L} Chicken wrap {S} fruit {D} Pasta and the next week I'll have {B} smoothie {L} Turkey wrap {S} crackers n cheese {D} Salad or chicken and veggies.

Do ab workouts every day or even better twice a day. It really makes a difference.

Indulge once a week or so. For the first time in 3 weeks I allowed myself to have icecream last night. I have a serious weakness for icecream so I have to be careful and only buy it like once a month or so.

Eat breakfast and make it healthy. If you eat or drink a surgery breakfast you will gravitate to sugar all day. Ear healthy you will be prone to make better decisions.

When I don't feel like working out I go online window shopping for clothes I really want to be able to buy but wont look good in yet. This motivates me a lot.

Picture yourself they way you want to look and no matter what anyone says get there. create determination. Prove everyone wrong.

Right before a work out decide how long you will go and no matter how tired you get don't stop till you finish your goal. Be strong. It never gets easier. You only get stronger. Several people told me that it would take a year and a half to lose all my weight, but it's only been 8 months and I have lost all the weight from the second pregnancy and am now working the weight I never lost from the first pregnancy...You can do it. 

Sleep when you can. I you feel tired and sluggish all day, go to bed early or take a nap if you can. Sometimes you need sleep to stop overrating and get your body ready for good exercise.

Drink ice old water whenever you feel hungry. Sometimes you are really just dehydrated.

Don't starve yourself

I drink way too much coffee. Like 2-3 cups or I'll chug a few shots of espresso. Not really a tip, but something I do.

I drink wine mostly when I do drink. I rarely drink beer and if I do I can never finish one. Sugary drinks are a no no for me, except on super rare occasions I'll have a margarita {like once every 6 months}

I don't drink non diet soda. I am purely a diet coke girl.

If I'm feeling like having food just because, I drink hot tea first and then see how I feel. If I still want food after, I eat and of I feel full then I don't.

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry or emotional.

I look at pinterests fitness category for inspiration when I'm feeling lazy.

I take 1-2 days to rest so I don't burn out.

In my mind, if I know I need to work out that day and even if things happens and I don't get to it till like 9-10pm, I'll still work out. I never regret working out late because I've never regretted a work out.

I take pictures of my weighloss often to be able to see the changes. I usually do it about 2 times a

I weight my self first thing in the morning after I pee {Tmi sorry}

I always lose some motivation when I get close to my goal and my weightloss slows down quite a bit. Hence the last 14 pounds have taken me 3 months to lose... I am trying very hard to push myself and motivate myself and remind myself daily that "I am almost there, be strong. Don't let those cookies con you. They may taste good for like a minute, but you will have run a few miles to get them off."

Vitamins. I love my vitamins. I beleive the work very well and I am always happier, and more motivated the more I take. I take a multi-vitamin, cranberry tablets, echinacea,  fish oil, extra vitamin C + D, and usually a colon cleanse when I have them. 

Work out with a friend once a week. I usually try to hit the gym with my awesome friend Sara, every other Saturday where we do a run before Zumba class and then if we are still feeling good we will do a  TRX class. I usually skip the last class, but friend rocks it. 

I am sure there are so many other tips and tricks and if you have any you would like to share, comment below. I and I am sure other readers would love to hear more. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Thanks for this Mandi! :) Totally pinning this to my fitness board!

  2. Have read anything on the paleo diet? I know I'm annoying ppl talking about it but i swear that is why i have lost 10lbs. anywho you look great!