Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silent Wednesday {photo shoot sneak peek}

DebonairBanditshoot033 DebonairBanditshoot010 DebonairBanditshoot003 DebonairBanditshoot024 DebonairBanditshoot039 DebonairBanditshoot018 DebonairBanditshoot051 NOT SO GOOD DebonairBanditshoot053 DebonairBanditshoot045 DebonairBanditshoot044 DebonairBanditshoot063 DebonairBanditshoot061 DebonairBanditshoot060 DebonairBanditshoot064 DebonairBanditshoot082 DebonairBanditshoot091 DebonairBanditshoot088 Carli x 576 wearing jumper DebonairBanditshoot086 doris 56 DebonairBanditshoot083

Hope you have enjoyed these photo's because they will be up in my shop in just a few days! Hurray Hurray!


  1. Such cute photos! You and your girls are just adorable! I am excited to see your shop :)

  2. Love your photos, mama, and love your new products! SO exciting!

  3. Oh my goodness! The pics of little miss are darling! Loving the bow clutches!!