Friday, May 11, 2012

{Grandma's house}

As a child I remember taking our annual vacation up to grandmas house. My father hates traffic, so we would be woken up around 4 in the morning. I remember asking my parents all too often "Are we there yet" and being so proud of the one time I stayed awake the whole night. I remember finally getting to grandma and grandpas and fighting with my sister over who got to sleep in the room with the tv. I remember winning that fight often and watching Gillian's island at all hours of the night. I remember the chilly mornings and smiles on my grandparents faces. I remember weekend filled with icecream and hanging out with my cousins. I remember so many wonderful memories. Now that I am an adult I get all mushy when I'm here and I am here. Me and my daughter Carli spent the night here before we fly down with my Grandma to witness my fathers wedding.

This time around I woke up early early because the baby woke up early early and as I drank my coffee this morning, I watched my child playing in the living room. It made me thankful for this day. I know my children will grow in this town and also love days spend at great grandmas. I do wish my grandfather was still here to meet my children. I wish he could see their happy faces and love of their company. I know he is in a better place, a peaceful place, but I still miss him. I know he would love him if he was still here and I know that I will spend many days telling them all about their amazing great grandfather.

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  1. Following from Covered in Grace - love the idea of the chalk board paint on the fridge!! Nice to "meet" you!!