Monday, May 7, 2012

Weight loss Monday Link up

Today I am guest posting over {Covered in Grace }! Please check out her blog to witness my awesome tutorial. I hope you like and start following my lovely friend {Brooke}. She is amazing and her blog is a fun read. 

Today is Weight loss Monday! Yes, that dreaded day is here and it's truth time. How much did I lose and how did it happen? 

This past week I found myself a little more motivated than usual probably due to my weight loss story I shared last week and how I have been battling these last 10 pounds tooth and nail and probably due to the fact that my father's wedding is fast approaching and is just 5 days away, but I found my self motivated and that was all that mattered to me. I ate healthy and below I have listed the main meals I ate during the week. I also listed my work outs for the week. 

{New Stats}
Weight loss this week: 3 pounds!!!
Starting weight:228
Current weight: 157

{My Meal's}

B. Oatmeal or a smoothie
L. Turkey wrap or basalmic vinaigrette salad
S. Honey wheat pretzels
D. Cup of pasta or chicken and veggies or another wrap

{My Workout Routine}
M. Walk 3 miles + Abs
T. Abs
W. Walk 3 miles, abs
TH. Elliptical 45 minutes {689 cals) + Abs
F. Elliptical 42 minutes (658 cals) + Abs
S. nothing
Su. Abs

It's finals week so my work out routine might happen or might not. I am going to play it by ear and try really hard to get in some good work outs. 

Okay Ladies. I would love to hear how your weight loss journey has been. I'd love to hear success and yes even struggles. 

{Let's link up}


  1. Good for you!! I'm going to try to get my post done today but i have crossfit in a hour so it might be tomorrow.

    1. No prob. The link this will stay open all week!