Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{Busy life = lots of instagram}

I have been quite busy as of lately and have not been posting much. I'm right in the middle of finals, my dads wedding is this weekend and I'm flying out of town with the baby, there is construction going on at our house and I'm trying to devote more time to the kids and my business. Needless to say I am swamped.

I have been playing around with home decor DIY's at night after these long days in order to keep my sanity. Since I am too busy to post much else, enjoy the pictures of making a house our home...

{DIY Ombre Frames}

frame tutorial Frames tut frames tut

{DIY Front Door: Babies sleeping sign}

fornt door diy

{DIY Iphone Case}

iphone case


  1. Thanks! The frames were a dollar each at good will and I just used spray paint to do the color and ombré! I'm so happy they turned out! I can't wait till the pictures I ordered come

  2. Ooh the lace is very pretty on your phone case!