Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{remembering back: sewing as a child}

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Who got me started? Who involves this passion for sewing, crochet, my love for my hot glue gun and all things crafty period? Who inspired me to learn more and improve my techniques with each craft. Who taught me to push myself and always do my bet job? Who taught me that a craft "fail" is okay because it's a learning experience?

My mother has been sewing for a few decades and this is something she passed onto me. I remember watching my mother on her sewing machine many days. I remember begging my mom for a sewing machine at age 7. I remember having sleep overs at our best friends house and as we played our moms would make a weekend quilt. Staying up at all hours of the night cutting, sewing and finishing in just one weekend. I remember when my mom handed me my first needle and thread. I was five and attempting my first sock bunny. It was probably the goofiest sock bunny ever but I was still so proud.

I remember when my mom took me shopping for fabric so I could make a dress for my dolly and deciding that instead of waiting till my mom was free that I would surprise her and make it all by myself. I took the sissors and started cutting out the shapes of a dress when oops I cut the tip of my index finger off. Blood was getting everywhere and after soaking carpet and my bed spread I finally showed my mom and was rushed to our neighborhood nurse. I felt defeated hit happy that my mom later showed me how to cut fabric with out hurting myself. Lesson learned.

I remember crocheting as a teen and sketching some very vivid pictures that I thought I could sell to cd label companies for Rock bands.

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I remember meeting my husband and starting to crochet again to pass time by at work. I quickly became obsessed and crocheted everything.

When I became pregnant with my first child I started wanting to make everything for her. Blankets, quilts, clothes, sheets, crocheted hats and so so much more. This is when my crafting really took off and ever since I have been teaching myself new techniques and learning from crafting failures.

I love crafts of all kind and using my mind to come up with new solutions and designs. I love creating something from nothing and turning ugly things into beautiful items for everyday use.

I now can't wait to teach my girls how to sew and craft and draw. I hope they evolve the same passion as I did. It's okay I'd they don't but I hope that they find something that sparks a passion and a love and are able to hold in to difficult times in life with a creative outlet. I love my girls and I hope they love to create just like me, just like when I use to watch my momma. I hope one day I can see the same loom I their eyes.

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