Sunday, April 22, 2012

{The No title title}

Lately I have been feeling guilty that the most we go out and do with the kids is head to the park. They are still small but I feel guilt that we aren't exposing them to more. I yearn for them to experience the zoo, fairytale town, the lake and swimming. I want them to learn more of the miraculous things this world has to offer.

This weekend I kind of jumped on my husband to go with us to get out of the house and do ANYTHING new. I begged to go to the lake {but all we could picture was Chloe drinking the dirty water} and we were going to head out to fairy tale town {but all we could picture was Carli sweating from the 90+ degree heat}. Normally I am not one for excuses. I don't believe in them, but when it comes to my kids I sure do. Instead we opted stay I doors and work on our house while trying to keep cool.

In order to keep me happy my husband did take us out to Barnes and Nobles to pick out a book for each of us. Air conditioned shopping, what a great idea!

My husband reminded me that sometimes I feel something and run with it so long not remembering that not everything emotion is feasible for that moment in time. This is true in many aspects. If I feel unhealthy I want to go out and get all kinds of super healthy food and not a bit of bad food and after a while if deprivation I want that bad food so so bad, that I eat bad all day.

I tend to think all or nothing. This is a bad trait I carry and I'd like to work on it. We may not have been able to go out to the Zoo, or Fairytale town or the lake but we did get to go out and experience with the kids a book store wonderland! My Chloe girl loves book and as we walked through those door her eyes widened and she chuckled with giddy. Amazed that books come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

This weekend I was humbled. Humbled that not everything needs to be ran with. I was satisfied and happy to give to my kids what we as a family could do for them and with them. We may not be rich and things may not always work out but we can work with what we have before us and as parents that is the best we can do for our kids.

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  1. Exactly! I think as parents that's a healthy way of thinking! Good for you in realizing that girl! XOXO