Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goodbye {Easy}

I've been training for this 12 k for about a month now {even though I was out sick for a week} and tomorrow race day finally arrives. I'm a little nervous but also thrilled. My running partners have been my bestie Sara and my too short kiddo's. I thought I would share some pictures of us on our long runs taking a moment to teach her about nature and out doors things.

It's hard when your a stay at home momma to get outside when your a full time student and it's winter weather right now. If I don't have a big project I have to get done, it's raining. Lately I have been stopping everything I am doing and going outside if it's nice out, because I know that getting my kids outside is so beneficial to their intellect and growth. I'm getting fit and healthy for my kiddos and if I don't allow them the ability to get outside and do the same, what kind of mom am I?

Most of the time I automatically want to do whatever is easiest. I know that as parents, this is totally normal and understandable, but I am constantly having to remind myself that easiest is not always whats best for my hubby and kids.

As I am always trying to improve myself, I am going to work really hard this week to quit "Easy". It's not even allowed to be in my vocabulary. Instead, I vow to do the "best".

When I was first pregnant I wanted to buy the best and everything they would need even when it wasn't a necessity. I wanted to be the best mom, an always put my kids and hubby first. However, over the years and one kid turned into having two, and my plate of to-dos got huge, I kinda lost sight of doing my best and replaced it with this doing whats easiest concept. I'm sure that most of you are understanding of this especially if you have kids, but I have become unhappy with my effort. Unhappy that my husband has recognized this "easiest" thinking. I no longer want the easy road.

I want bright and intelligent kids that have had several books read to then a day. I want to be showered and dressed before my husband gets off work {instead of drowning in my pj's} most of the day. I want to get outside and run or head to the park every nice day even if I am super super busy. I want to make time to write more meaningful blog posts everyday not just a few times a week. I want to not just zone out on pinterest or twitter every second of free time I have, but work on craft projects I have saved on pinterest. I want so much more in this life which mean that laziness and easy roads need to leave my life.

Life is for living to the max and getting everything you can out of it. Who is to say that I'll have tomorrow to get "it" done. Who know if today will be my last.


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  1. Great post!
    I think a lot of us can relate!
    Good luck tomorrow!

    1. Thanks. I felt like being brutally honest about my failures as a mom/wife/person