Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Hair Tutorial-Bee Hive Pouf}

I love doing my hair in some new hairstyle and try learning something new quite often. Last night I was asked my a friend {Absolute Mommy} how I did my hair for last nights class. Well, if the people want a tutorial, a tutorial is what the people get!

This is my first video tutorial, so don't mind the fact that I am a total goof on camera.

This is a picture of how I usually wear a bee hive updo.


So here it is. Have fun watching, learning and laughing at my first video tutorial.


  1. Yay for your first vlog! You are adorable!

  2. Hey! I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog and couldn't - you're set as a no reply blogger which makes it a little bit harder for people to say thanks.

    I love that you are sharing my button for my Outdoor series. I am holding a link-up for anything cute and outdoors related from 23rd, but would love some guest posters too (I have a couple lined up already), but if you have a spare 30 minutes and a recipe/outfit/hairstyle/outdoor activity...I would love it if you wanted to take part!

    P.S. Am super jealous of your hair length and fullness. Mine is lifted by spray and hope.

    P.S. Am now a GFC groupy too. We newbies should definitely look out for each other.

    1. Thank you so much for telling me about the comment settings! I had no idea. I am going to fix it now.

      I am happy to be sharing your button. I am new and love the idea to promote and help other bloggers.

      I would love to link up about the outdoors. I would also love to guest post {i would be honored}. We newbies should definatly stick together. I love this team up

  3. Love your beehive..............would love to send you one of my products which helps to make the beehive easier to create. Go to to check it out and then contact me. Beehives are really hot right now!

    1. How lovely! I would love it! I am obsessed with big hair {even though I'm not from Texas lol}. I would also do a blog post featuring your product and what I thought if you would like me too :) my email is If you shoot me and email back I will send you my address.