Thursday, April 12, 2012

Funeral for my favorite...

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Two of my favorite TV show are ending this year. One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives. I have watched these shows since the beginning and have not missed an episode. I know these are just fake lives, stories on film but I cant help but feel like my best friends are breaking up with me. I feel sad, hurt and overwhelmingly disappointing that these relationships I've watched are about to be over. I know this might be silly but I feel the same way I do as when I finish reading a book series or a really long and good book.

Little funny fact about me: When I finish a good book and wish I would not end, I wear all black the day I finish it. It's like I mourn for the end of the characters I've grown to know and love and even hate.

Do you have any shows or books that you wish would never ever end?



  1. I cried when I watched the OTH series finale. Why did it have to end? I miss it already.

    1. I know. I miss them already! Though my husband said he was celebrating and wanted to have a goodbye party. He hates the show. lol.

  2. I'm pretty bummed out about One Tree Hill. Thankfully re-runs are on Soapnet!!