Saturday, June 16, 2012

{Where do you Vacation}

We are very excited to have just finished booking our first ever vacation out of state. I have not traveled very much in my life but my husband and his family traveled near everywhere. He has described to me beautiful places that dont even seem real to me because I've only ever seen pictures. In our 6 years together we have traveled only to southern California. We enjoyed ourselves visiting my family when we can, but we have been dreaming of a vacation away from California and everything. We researched places for months and went back and forth over and over again. finally we compiled our list and chose Beaver Creek, Colorado. 

{We get to stay here}

{...and look and this}

We are thrilled, and are already counting down the days till August. I am sure most everybody loves vacations and usually plan one a year. Where do you vacation? 

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