Friday, June 29, 2012

I'd like to pee on my own.

My mom use to lock herself in our bathroom when I was little. She would lock herself in, and us out so she could talk on the phone with her friends and take a breather. It was her time and her space for alone time, even though we knocked on that door and asked question after question. I am sure her sanity about snapped at times. The bathroom was her me time. This is completely untrue for me...

P.s. The lock on our bathroom is broken and we still haven't fixed it.

Hence, the need to pee on my own.

doris and henery 

Yes, that is my daughter who climbed on the toilet behind me. I am a very relaxed person, but I really like my privacy. I know she is learning and I am so open to that, but I want to option to lock the door at times.

Anyway, this situation got me thinking. Where is my me time and what do I do with it? Me time is limited, just like you I am sure, but when I do get it I use it to work out when kids sleep, shower and maybe paint my nails. If its night time and I am chilling with my husband I turn into a robot in front of the TV while putting my multitasking skills to good use and "pinning" everything I want to make... Not sure how the thousands of pins plan on taking part in my life, but that doesn't mean I can't try. I will admit that I am kinda ashamed of my "me" time. It sounds like such a waste of useful time, but it is what makes me happy and allows me to de-associate from longs days and stressful situations. Do you share my "me time" habits or are you way better at using this highly valuable time? 

So where is your "me time" located and what do you do with it?


  1. Bahahahha! Ok, I'm not laughing at you I'm totally laughing with you because I experience this exact same thing!! The only time I pee alone is at work! My little man knows way more than he should, i.e. what a tampon is! ugh...someday, someday friend, we will be able to pee alone! Happy weekend!

  2. hehe I thought I wanted to pee alone...until the other day when my son didn't follow me into the bathroom (for once) and I spent the entire time worried about what he might be destroying while I was on the toilet! lol

    Sounds like wonderful uses of your "me time". I do similar things, and add to it once a week or once every other week I will go to starbucks ALONE while hubby keeps our little boy and do a bunch of writing... that's my favorite me time ;)

  3. pee alone. What's that? I usually volunteer to take on of the babies to the bathroom with me. This way I can guarantee that no shcnanigans will be going down when I'm gone.