Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breed your business


I have been open for business for 9 days now and I am happy to say that I had my first customer a few days ago. I know that starting out on Etsy and store envy can be really slow and as I add new products to the store, I will also be working on doing everything I can to market my branding. I want {Debonair Bandit} to be added to wish lists and envied and loved. Of course, who doesn't wish this for their store. I am sure if you have a store or product you sell you want success too.

Lately, I have been reading and reading of ways to make your business successful and how to self promote yourself. I have no marketing money saved for the business so for now I will have to focus on free ways to self promote. I am thinking of starting a new series all about promoting your business and or blog. What do you you all think? Would you enjoy content involving blog/shop promoting?

Today I am going to have a list of things I will be working on over this next month to self promote my blog and business.

1. Use my business cards. I have a business card holder {That I made} with my logo on it and I keep a lot of business cards in it to pass out. One way I can use my business cards is by attending events. You know those kids events you get invited too all the time, or craft fairs or even the doctors office. Introduce yourself. Which brings me to the next item.

2. Introduce yourself. This is going to take some practice on my part. I am a very outgoing person once I have met someone. Its the introducing that I am very shy with. I have a hard time sticking my hand out and saying, "Hi I am Mandi". It seems so simple but it can terrify me at times. Once the ball is rolling though, once I introduce myself its almost difficult to get me to shut up. I plan to introduce myself and before the conversation is over give out a card. Try to give out a card or more a day if the person seems even a bit interested.

3. Get a marketing buddy. Get to know someone or many people and start helping each other market. Swap buttons, swap guest blog days, swap some business cards. Basically help a sista out and swap everything in hopes they do the same and get promoted for free.

4. Send your products for free to top blogs. Ask the blogger ahead of time if this is okay and maybe they will wear it in a blog post of show it off. This can be hard to do, because many will want money to show it off. I plan to ask few top bloggers to pick a favorite item from the shop and then I will ship it to them for free if they promote it. Which leads me to my next topic.

5. Giveaways. Self promote by giving to giveaways. Check twitter and other blogs who do monthly big giveaways and ask to be one to donate for self promotion.

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