Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whats your art?

I am feeling a little uninspired in writing today, but over inspired in the art department. All I want to do right now is sketch and paint and design. I have these bursts of inspiration in different "departments all the time". Last week it was all about sewing and still is. I want to sew and create beauty with my sewing machine. This week I was to use pencils, a ruler, a BIG eraser {haha}, and my water color pencil and work on becoming an artist like I use to be. I use to be really good but it was all dark art. I am teaching myself how to draw again. In fact I am taking some free online lesson and am practicing proportion right now.

Anyway, I love art. Art come in many forms and can be widely interpretive. Art is also a I like it, I love it or I hate it sort of thing and people usually only buy from the "I love it" category. As a non-artist, I love sketches from good artists, art that has deep emotion {that is obvious}, I love fun and flirty print art for nurseries and I love {but am picky about} beautiful photography prints of gorgeous country scenery.

So I wanna know... What kind of art do you like? Do you have favorite artists?

Here is my list of favorite Art I have found thus far on Esty.com. I want to find more, so share your favorites.

 {trafalgars square}

Here is some art that I have been working....

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  1. The blog looks great Mandi!
    I feel you, Girl. Sometimes it's hard to come up with good content...or to feel inspired to write. Believe...I soooo know. And writing is my passion, much like art is for you. I always have ideas rolling around in my mind and it's hard to harness them all before they disappear.
    I get that way with crafty things too. I love building with wood and creating things. When I get the itch, it's hard to want to do anything else.
    Do what you love girl.
    Even if you update with a photo of your work in progress... it will be the real you. And that's what we want to see!