Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{It's time for dress up}

My Daughter has been into dress up lately which means that I am redressing her in clothes she brings me about every 20 minutes. Shoes are always on and she changes her shoes every few hours. She like to put shoes on me and brush my hair. I think it is time to make some accessories for her dollies and maybe even some new dollies. 

I remember back in the day when my mother would sew robes, and sleeping bags and pretty dresses for all my dollies. She was a wiz at the sewing machine and every doll had sets of clothes and accessories. Anything I wanted for my dollies my mom would try and make. We even had matching outfits. My mom rocked!
Since, realizing that I needed to make some play clothes and doll clothes, I started searching my favorite site {pinterest, of course} to get some ideas and inspiration. Its been a while since I made doll clothe, so I decided to list my favorite pins.

{I so want to make a clothes rack}


{How cute is this fairy wand}
There are many other dress up tutorials {HERE}

{Beautiful Ideas for doll clothes}

{This little etsy shop has inspired me with doll accessory ideas}

{Maybe an apron}

{...or two}

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  1. Cute finds, love the fairy wand! Your daughter is going love whatever you make her!!