Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Happy Fathers Day!

To My Dad:

Happy Fathers Day my dearest Daddy. A girl watches her father as ages and what he can teach her. Now, a Father is so many things. He is fun, yet wise. He is Tough and strong. He is fair and kind. My Father is all of these thing. He is my best dad.

::He is fun. Like when we played board games, or would get stuck on something funny and no one could stop laughing. Almost dying from lack of oxygen we were laughing so so hard. I remember the softball games you'd come too and all the recitals you attended. Thank you for being there.

::He is Wise because he taught me how to manage money and to always get back up after falling down and so much more. You taught to be confident and not care what other people think of me. Just be me. This is just me, just showing my love for you Dad.

::He is tough. Remember the time you caught me talking to boys out my window late at night? Remember chasing them down the street? Bahahaha oh boy were they scared of you. They never tried anything....

::He is strong. I know this because when I was like 8 I think I got of my bicycle wrong and punctured my leg. I was bleeding bad, and you carried me on your shoulders the rest of the the way home. Which was a few miles. You were amazing.

::He is fair. I love that you rarely took sides. You wanted to be fair between me and my sister. I love you for this.

::He is kind. Your kindness always amazed me. Your missionary work was amazing and I can only imagine what you experienced and the amount of Christian love you spread around. I remember when you use to minister to those in the prisons. I love that you shared God's word to everyone, no matter how scary or impoverished. You have love for every person. You are my amazing dad. {Okay I am starting to get all teary now}

He is my Dad


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  1. This is so cute and touching! I wish I would have had a father like that but am so so happy to know that my son does! Love this.

    Katlyn xo