Monday, June 4, 2012

{Weightloss Monday + tips and tricks for new runners}

This past week, I was much better. I ate healthy {mostly}, I ran 4 days out of the week and did the elliptical 1 time too, and I took the kids on walks to the park 4 times as well {I usually go more than that though}. I also did my ab work outs after each run. I am sure if I didn't eat the ice cream, I would have lost more. Ben and Jerry's are cruel with their calories. I am happy to report that even though it's just a little, I did lose a half a pound! I normally don't even count any loss under a half a pound, but I've have been struggling so much to lose anything lately that I am counting this measly little half a pound with pride in my heart.

Starting weight:228
Current weight: 155.5

{Starting Weight Photo}

Before weightloss CarliAnn192

{Current Weight Photo}

fit 600 fit 600 fit 600

{Tips and Tricks for New Runners}

::It's easy to stop running when you are tired, because that's what you are use too, but running is different. when you are tired, you train yourself to run faster and longer. My tip is to become your own Jillian Michaels. I am mean when I run. If I think "Man, I am tired. Should I stop", I reply with, "No, run faster and longer Biotch. You aren't going to get fit being lazy" or I'll think "It's beach season, It's beach season". 

::Before you hit the road, or trail or treadmill make a mental road map of where and how long you are going to go. When I first hit that pavement I note whether I will do the 2,3,4,5 or 6 mile loops I have mapped out and then I DON'T STOP UNTIL I GET BACK. No if and's or but's.

:: Run Against traffic. When I was a young runner I ran at 4am before school and one morning I was running with traffic and almost got hit by a drunk driver who just barely missed me by inches {I had to leap away}, as they jumped the curb. So, always run so you can see car's coming at you. 

:: Puke and cramps happen. If you puke or get side cramps don't think oh man I shouldn't run. This happens to every runner and they are lying if they say otherwise. I puke if its too hot, or I drank too much water to ate too much before hand. I get side cramps when I start adding more miles to my run and it takes a few times of running those distances before those side cramps go away. 

:: Don't run fast down hills, that's how you get shin splints and bad knees. 

:: It's best to run rhythmically, so pump some good music that allows you to run in rhythm. A runners music play list is very important.  

:: If you don't know how to increase your distance, what I do {when I am training for something}, I add 1 mile a month. If you are training for a 5k, make sure you have 4 months to train. Add a quarter a mile a week and the last month before the race, train faster. Same as my 12k. I ran a mile a month and by time my baby was 7 months old, I finished the 12k {which is 7 miles}. 

:: Run when you are emotional, it's the best. Sometimes I get pissed or stressed and am able to get away for a run. Like last night, I was stressed from a long day and decided to go for a little run even though it was 9pm at night. When I run emotional, I run faster and longer. This never fails, plus I came back in the best mood. 

:: I may run better in the morning after a having oatmeal and coffee, I never get to chose my running schedule because of the kids. Everyday I have to run at a different time. Be it 9am or 9pm {and anything in between} I will run. right now it's hot, so I run either between 9am-11am or 6pm-9pm. 

:: If you look pretty after a run, your doing something wrong. 


  1. Love this Mandi, thank you! :) :)

    1. Oh good. Every Monday I will do some sort of tips and tricks for weighloss. :)

    2. Oh good. Every Monday I will do some sort of tips and tricks for weighloss. :)

  2. I was so excited the other day at my gym when i completed a whole mile! Like for reals. that's 8 laps around their parking lot. normally i can only do 3 max. i got to a point where i was going to walk and just didn't do it. i was so proud of myself! and even though i was last i didn't give a shit. it took me a little over 12 minutes.

  3. 1) you look amazing.
    2) I hate running, but am going to start this week!
    3) I need running music. Care to share?
    4) I love the "if you look pretty when you're done, you're doing it wrong."

  4. Fantastic. I have had a 3 week break now since my charity run and need to get back on it. I wish I lived somewhere safe enough to run at night...there have been a series of attacks on runners (particularly women) recently. It makes it harder. I need to re-recruit my co-worker running buddy. Thanks for this...I'll try these out. xx