Saturday, June 2, 2012

{What kind of runner are you}


I love running and while I was out for a run yesterday I was thinking about my relationship with running. Yes, I have a relationship with running. There are many feelings associated with running and came to think about the different levels of running and how to tell what kind of runner you are. This is suppose to be truthfully humorous, so have fun taking my little running quiz. I made some buttons for all of you, in case you want to display it on your blog {Sized 300 by 300}. Feel free to take one below.  

{Level one}: I like Running
:: Yeah I have "one night stands" here or there
:: It feels good to run, after some practice
:: I like to look pretty when I go for a run

{Level two}: I love Running
:: I love running so much, I signed up for races to prove how            :: much I love it.
:: I push my buttons when I run, so I run faster and longer each :: time.
:: Sometimes I sprint loudly.
:: I run when I don't really feel like it
:: I may look pretty before a run, but when I come back I'm dirty

{Level three}: I am head-over-heels for Running
:: I must run every day
:: I have a date with the road every day
:: It doesn't matter what I wear on my date as long as I have my :: running shoes
:: Day or night, rain or shine I am a runner 

{Level four}: I have a abusive relationship with Running
:: I get shin splints
:: I enjoy running marathons often 
:: Sometimes I puke, I run so hard core

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  1. Haha I love this!!! Let's see if I can make it to level three! :) :)