Saturday, June 23, 2012

Date Night.

My aunt took the kids yesterday afternoon and is keeping them until today at 3pm. Needless to say my husband and I are in heaven. We haven't had a break in a month and a half and were in desperate need on one. As soon as the kids left I finally picked an outfit out {the bed was covered in clothes that didn't make the cut}, fixed my makeup {the slobbery teething baby is really into faces right now. lol} and when the hubs came home, he threw on a sweater and we were out. We should have made a plan on were to eat, but we went out to this meat place called  Texas BBQ. It was covered in cowboy, Texas decor and our waiter I am sure was using a fake accent {I tipped extra for trying} With my diet/lifestyle it was hard to pick something to eat, but I am very happy with myself. I ended up ordering lean cut brisket and I found that they had baked sweet potato chips!!!! It was very delicious and for the first time after leaving a restaurant, I didn't feel over stuffed or sick. My husband who ordered the same meat, but had beans and a huge bake potato was feeling sick/full after we left. I felt bad. We were going to go to a movie, but were both tired and got excited with the idea of going home and just messing up a bottle of wine or two... Sometimes its necessary to act like the youngsters we still are. I'm only 25 once right? Needless to say once we finally fell asleep we were out.

It is only 11:30am my time, and I woke up a half and hour ago. Can you say AWESOME!!!!

As parents, as hard working, it never seems to stop parents. Order a babysitter {if that's possible} and let your hair down. Get a little crazy. If needed tell someone your doctor ordered it. lol.

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{This is just how happy we were}

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  1. So much fun! Love those times. how far are you from Sonoma? I will be out there seeing my sister in a month or two. I would love to see you. maybe San.Fransisco?!

    1. Omg that would be so cool!!!!! I'm like 8 hour drive from Sedona... But only 1 hourish from San fransico!!!!!! That would be so awesome! Id so drive to San Fran for you!!!!!