Friday, March 16, 2012


Utterly breathe taking was the grand canyon. I hadn't been there in years, but now that it was real and right in front of me, it just took my breathe away.

Staring out at this vast deepness was intimidating and a bit scary I will admit, though it tugged at a part of my heart. It made me yearn for travel for even though this Beautiful picture was right it front of me, all I kept thinking,"This doesn't even look real." It was like looking at picture, but it wasn't, it was real and right before me.

I went with a bunch of amazing women from the creative Estates retreat. This retreat was built upon crafting and interacting with women alike all weekend. Though it was also a learning experience as well. I learned how inspired I can be, how moved I can feel getting to know these incredibly talented and sweet individuals. I learned how high expectations can cause sweet people to turn bitter. I learned that going with the flow truly does make for a great vacation. I re-learned that people, all people need to be treated with respect. We all have feeling and difficult lives to attend too and not doing so can break people. We are all in this life to enjoy it, grow in it, love in and create in it. In this life there is drama, difficulties and stress I know. these difficulties are amidst all of us, yes, though it saddened me to see others hurt from others expectations. as a lesson, i have decided to not expect from people but to graciously accept what they have to offer for not matter their battle, the problem or The fight there is a person on the other side of it. A real, raw human that deserves respect and love.

Keep these thought in mind when looking at the beauty I was able to witness. The world is so big and people can be thought of as small, replaceable and easy to hurt. No matter the situation, everyone deserves respect and kindness.

I remember going to see this amazing place when I was younger but all I was interested in was the gift shop at the time. (I am on the left)
Here i am now, actually enjoying it's beauty.


This is me with some of the awesome Girls on my Vacation to Creative Estates!

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  1. You are so beautiful. I'm so glad i met you and can call you my friend. I seriously enjoyed your company more then anything,and it was great to be able to see such a wonder together.