Thursday, March 15, 2012

Promises of your future my daughter

The other night my daughter saw me getting ready for school and seemed a little upset crying when I did my hair and makeup because she knew. She new I would be leaving her and tonight was a 'daddy tucks me in only night'. As I bent down to give her a kiss goodbye she started crying so hard. I knew she loved me and I my heart ached that she did not want me to go. My initial reaction was to stay and skip class, then I thought of her future. If I did not go, I would be hurting my career as a student. I remembered that I am doing this for her. I am getting my education for her, so she and her sister can have a better future filled with after school activities, family vacations, college, a wedding. I am going to school so I can provide a better future for her and my family. Once I remembered that these tears are only temporary and she wont even remember this in a few years, I bent down and spoke to her. I told her what I was doing, and who this was for. I explained that she probably wont understand a word I just said as she will be 2 in only a few days. I gave her a big bear hug, attempted to kiss her again and left. My heart did still ache as I heard her cry once more, but I knew what I needed to do.

I think we all need a little reminder that sometimes, the things we want the most are the hardest to achieve. in all aspects in life. At times your heart will break, you'll want to give up. As your long term goals are being worked on, it seems that you create a sort of relationship with these goals (a love and hate relationship). And in order to continue, to not give up we need to remember the end result. Envision this goal and meeting it. How will you feel when you can finally say "I did it". Envision you children, husband or family being proud of you and inspired to succeed at their own goals.

I am at home now, after class. The kids are tucked in and I am enjoying a glass of wine. So cheers to our futures and to that day I can finally say to my girls, "Thank you for being paitient my sweet ones, now that I have my degree (BA in accounting), and have a good job we can spend even more time together, go on vacations, enroll you in dance or soccer or whatever you want. I love you for waiting and loving me through this. Now who wants some icecream?"


  1. I love this post and I love YOU! Am sending this to another friend who is a single mom & is in FT school.

    PS How many cucumber sandwiches do I have to eat to get my button on here, too?! :)

    1. Omg! I would love your button! I got distracted last night and didn't finish posting them. What Is the HTML for it? Ill post now

  2. You are awesome! I feel like a lucky girl to be able to say that I know you.

  3. Omg you are so sweet! I feel the same way about you though ;)