Saturday, March 24, 2012


Keeping your life in balence is a hard act to keep up. We all wear so many hats it's insane (mother, wife, daughter, family member, friend, financial advisor, maid, cook, for some like me a student as well) and then on top of all that we need to take care of ourself with exercise, beauty regamines, eating healthy indulding in hobbies etc. and then the topper is when life throws you curve balls.

Things can get pretty insense sometimes. Like today, I felt like all my "hats" were about to fall off. I felt shamed that my balence hasn't been 100%. Shame is not a good feeling and I almost cried today because it's not like me to be out of sorts. In usually very good at wearing all my hats.

When my husband came home for lunch today I was telling him how I am feeling, and that I was sorry about not having everything handled like I usually do. It was then that I realized that I had the best husband ever. He reminded me that he is here for me when I'm holding on for dear life. He then offered to take some thing's off my plate so I could balence and not feel so shamed. It just reminded me that we don't alwags have to hold it together because we all have a friend, husband, a family member, or God who could help us out. Life can get hard to balence and asking for help IS OKAY. I am so guilt in that I try to take on everything and it's usually more than one person can handle. I honestly didn't even think about asking him for help till he offered it.

Let us remember that no matter who we are, we are not completely alone and asking for help is okay.


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