Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love your body week

It's love your body week at my school which has inspired this post. Back in my day everyone wanted to be skinny skinny skinny. Anorexia was everywhere and many of the celebrities had a major problem. Over the years many people saut help and some overcame their disease.

Now the new trend is to be real big and beautiful with voluptuous women spread everywhere. They call themselves real women and mock those who are skinny.

In my life time I have seen weight tip the scale both ways though now I see a war breaking out between the two. I see skinny girls looking at volumptuous woman and calling them terrible word (fat, unhealthy, lazy, jealous). On the other side of this these volumptuous women are calling skinny women, naturally skinny women (bones, anorexic, sticks, ugly). I see it both ways. A battle between what is "Real", what is true or should be true.

I am sickened by what I see. This battle between vulumptuous and skinny hating the other side on both ends hurts me deeply. My hope, what I yearn for is peace. Love for every body big or small and everything In between. This prejudice over which type of body is the better needs to be ereased from our minds.

Everybody is unique. Our DNA shows that no one person is alike. Personality is original, bodies are original. We may all fit in to a type or category (volumptuous, average and thin) but even then categorizing can be difficult and wrong.

What I suggest is Love. Love for everyone, every body type. It is DNA and choices that make up a body type and hatred of any type is prejudice an ill hearted. I will encourage you to do something for me, for yourself and the world our children will inhabit. I encourage you to tell someone the opposite body type as you that they are beautiful. Allow this love to protrude from you like a shining light.

I hope you try this. Try it out and see how it feels. I am sure that if you do, you will know just how good it does feel to send out a bit of love in this world.

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