Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shop Review: The Blissful Body Shop


Every week I spend an evening pampering myself for the up and coming week. I give myself a hair mask, a face mask, 
I loofah,  shave, and give myself a manicure and pedicure, then moisturize. 
I primp and prime. 
Tweeze and then regret the tweezing idea. 
Each and every week
I apply these rituals in order to feel more female, 
more beautify,
rejuvenated and fresh.
Instead of 
Not saying I am old, but each year I am beginning 
to feel
For real. 

Well, recently my very good friend that I have actually known since we were both tiny babies opened up her very own Etsy Shop and guess what she specializes in all things for pampering and daily primping. Not only are her lotions and creams amazing to apply to the skin. It feels like lotion kissing my skin. Soft and fluffy, though rich and creamy. I was amazed by the smell too. Not too strong to overwhelm, but also not so soft that you miss more of it. 

Cassies' Shop deemed The Blissful Body Shop has these amazing lotions and creams are available now, but keep selling out! Which you must know means that they are amazing! 
What sets her apart you ask? Well, I have the answer. All of her current products and her future products are made with all natural products and do NOT contain harmful products like alcohol and mineral oil seen in so many of the lotions we as woman have all tried. 

If you want to know more about your own skin and the harmful effects and ingredients in lotions that are probably in your bathroom (just like the ones I found in mine), you can read Cassies recent blog post all about Skin.

Even though this lovely shop is still so new, she has already been reviewed by another amazing Small Business promoter. Kristina Streeter from 'The Streeters Unlimited' received her product in the mail, tested each out and was so in love with these lotions and body butters that she accepted Cassie into the A-List! What is the A-List you ask? Well, I tell you about it. Kristina reviews products for small business owners and if they pass her tests and she loves everything about the company, she will accept your small business and offer amazing and FREE advertising and promotion. She is an amazing person who thrives on setting the bar for small businesses all around. 

If I haven't sold you yet on this amazing shop, I also have a special treat for all my lovely readers! Cassie has given me a discount code for all of you! 



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    1. lol. It might just be. lol. It reaLLY IS AMAZING stuff. Hope you get a chance to try it