Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frames Frames Frames all about my frames!

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  I am practically blind with out my glasses. I sit at my computer, am reading a book or am on my iPhone for hours each day and over the years of eye strain I started wearing glasses. When I first started my search for optical lenses I was overwhelmed by all the choices and frame styles. I was taken back by the options and felt that many of them didn't fit my face very well. The first pair I bought I just ended up settling and was very disappointed because it didn't fit my personality at all. 

One year later I was sick of my frames and started shopping around for the perfect pair of eyeglasses prescription. I actually went to several different stores with my prescription information and after checking out close to 2,000 frames I had narrowed down my selection to 3 different frames. After much contemplating I decided on the large framed eyeglasses you all see me wear daily. I love them and I am not even sure if I want a new pair next year because I love them so so much, however I will say that I way overpaid! To be totally honest I was ripped off. I paid a whopping $699 plus tax and stuff! My husband also bought a very expensive pair of Gant brand glasses for $400 which he also loves but it was just so much money.


I mean what happens when our kids are constantly grabbing them off our faces, or we accidentally fall asleep with them on? Things happens and we both get so scared that we will ruin our frames. Well not anymore! A friend of mine introduced me to and now I will never ever be so lost or ripped off again! At first I thought she was just trying to "sell me" ya know, but really and truly their company is amazing! They offer quality but cheap glasses and when I was browsing their frames I couldn't believe it. I found my exact frames for $621 cheaper! Yes, I found them {HERE} for $78! 

Not only do they offer all the Brand name frames and 110% of the lowest prices guaranteed but they also do free shipping both ways and offer 365 day return policy!!!! Needless to say that I will definitively be ordering my next pair from this amazing company. 


One of the amazing features of buying frames from their site is that they have this Virtual Mirror that allows you to use either upload a photo or use your webcam to take a picture and compare frames on your actual face! I am in my pj's and I can shop right at home! Check it out below! 


  1. you are so cute, friend! love how your rock those glasses! i was never lucky enough to get glasses as a kid, so i bought my own nerd glasses from UO. :) miss you!

    1. Miss you too friend! I would love to go to a bloggers conference next year if you plan on going to any maybe I'll go to that one.... :)