Thursday, October 4, 2012

I tried a cleaning trick on Pinterest and it worked!


Since I started this venture on keeping a balanced lifestyle one of the things I am tacking is cleaning out my home. I already keep a pretty clean house hold, but I have been cleaning gout all things I don't use or need anymore and doing some deep cleaning. Everyday I do some sort of deep cleaning to rid of unnecessary clutter and I must say it is working because everyday I feel a little bit more relaxed and at ease. 

Mean while I read this quote about an old married couple recently. The couple was being interviewed on their anniversary and were asked how they stayed married so long. What the old man said really stuck with me and now I can't get it out of my head. He replied, "Back in my day, if something was broke we fixed it. Now a days if something is broke, people throw it away." His words, really moved me. I feel that this is a wonderful way to live. If it is broke fix it.

It can be so much easier to just buy something new or replace something, but I am beginning to understand the difference between waste and value. As I was going through my kitchen stuff while I was cooking I remembered how gross my cookie pans were and I remembered this one pinterest cleaning tip I read about. If you take a garbage bag and put in the cookie sheets and/or stove top burners and fill the bag with amonia. I kept this bag outside since Amonia is very dangerous chemical and if you try this, so should you. It is a deadly chemical. Then I left it out there for 24 hours and the next day, I literally got all of this off by running water over it.

Now you can see I didn't get every nook and cranny, so I think I need to do it a second time, but I am more that pleased with the results!

I know that comparing a marriage tip with a cleaning tip is completely different subjects, but I have to say that if my marriage breaks I will be fixing it and now if something in my home is old and seems broke, I will be trying to fix it before I give up all hope.  

How do you feel about what the old man said? 

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  1. I have some stainless steel pans that are pretty gross...I wonder if this trick would work on them.
    Penniless Socialite