Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A light walk with my heart


Our daily walk the other day really had me thinking. Deeply thinking.
I love how nature speaks to me the most. 
I find inspiration and fascination, thankfulness and pure love when out in nature.  


There we were on the 3 mile of our walk and only half way done.
The wind was blowing blowing ever so slightly.
The crispness hitting our skin  and blowing in our hair .

Soaking in  each view of the wonderful scenery that surrounded us. 
Scoping out animals and bugs so I can teach the girls more words.
Then my mind started to wander...


I thought about how I shouldn't stay out to late. I didn't want to get stuck out at night
with no light to guide the way.
Then I wondered  if my own heart was light
When people see me, meet me, get to know me
is my heart light for all of them?

I read this quote recently that said
"If you think good thoughts. Light will shine from your heart"
I love this quote. 
Something as deep and personal as my own thoughts need work
In my mind I can think what ever, pretend to answer people however
I can over-think, criticize and  badger.
I can imagine and pretend and daydream.
I can be  and think whatever I want because no one can criticize or hate me in my own thought
unless from my own self-hatred.
My thoughts have always been mine.
but now I wonder
My thoughts reflect who  I am and who I was and  am going to be.
My thoughts whether good or bad do pour out of me 
No matter how hard I try to hide them
If I am having a bad day
My husband knows. He says its obvious, even if I haven't said a word.

My thoughts pour from me
I can not hide them, well
Should I abandon unhappy thoughts and sorrow when it comes?
I am not a dweller, but some days are better than others
If I wake with only happy thoughts to dwell on 
Will they carry to my heart?

So, today I woke with a light heart. 
I saw the dawn of a new day.
The baby was crying in her crib
I jolted awake and realized that it was  time to awake
and I created a smile.
I entered each child's room with a glorious attitude .
"Good Morning my sweet darlings! How did my girls sleep?
Are you two ready to face  this beautiful day?" 
I am  ready to take on this day with a light
Love in my soul for everyone to see.
Ready to take on this crazy, stressful, busy 
but full of opportunity and people who need love