Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just so you know

Just so you know today I am guest posting over at {Designs By Emily F}! I am so excited and honored to be Guest Posting over there. 

I also wanted to let all those people who requested Ombre Iphone Lace Cases be available for Android users, I now offer CUSTOM WORK! Yes, I said it. I have 2 custom listings available right now for you Android users. I will offer any color Ombre Lace that I currently have available for Iphone in my shop. What to check out what I am talking about? Go over here and click {SHOP}>>>>>>>



  1. Awesome Mandi!! I wish there was an otter box option... my black case is so blah..but it's necessary. If I didn't have the OB, my phone would die an early death. hahahaha

  2. When you start making them for the Samsun Galaxies... let me know! lol ;)