Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year!

Living with out a computer for 2 weeks was so hard for me, but I am finally up and running!
I sure missed writing. So much so that I started journaling again. It is amazing how sappy I can get with pen to paper. My mind just explodes with thoughts and passion and feeling. 
I might even share a poem or two here and there. 

This past month seems to have flown by so fast I didn't even know what was going on. Prepping for Christmas made the holidays pass by so fast. Isn't it amazing how when we were kids we time seemed to stand still and a day felt like a week and a week felt like a month and a year felt like forever! Now a days I can't seem to find the "pause" button. 

Anyone else feel like that?

I am so amazed that 2012 is already over and 2013 is a fresh start and exciting new beginning. I know  that  this year will hold new and exciting possibilities and that we at a family unit have only begun. The life we want, the American dream is totally in our reach. Its just up to us to power that drive and get there. 

I know that life is now. 
Enjoy it. Share it. Love every amazing moment. Even the terrible moments allow us to know what good moment s feel like. Know that little moments are really the big ones. 
Expand love and lose dissatisfaction and hurt. 
Life a balanced and whole life, all the while knowing that it may not be perfect ever, but creating a version of perfect is what creating this journey is all about. 
My challenges this year will be to let go of things I can not change.
This year I will not have a list of the normal goals. Like losing more weight (even though I do want too). I will not list "stress less" and I will not have a unrealistic bucket list. 
This year will be simple. 
Love life. Soak up the moments. Cherish each of these childrens' young life memories. Grow my business and work hard everyday. 
Strive to be healthy with some "free-bee" days. 
Surround yourself with family for the core of ourselves are with in them. 
Be open and available for new people in our lives. 

What are your goals this year?

Enjoy some pictures of my kids opening presents. There are just a few today. 




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