Thursday, January 10, 2013

Defining Sucess

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{p.s. I dyed my hair again}

 I have been thinking a lot about Success. My success. The shops success.
What does it all mean? What is success?

Success is this thing we are all chasing after and searching for. All of us trying to figure it all out in this big world. Find our fit in society and always wondering how big that "fit" it.

How do I define success and much do I believe in myself to get there. Am I capable of big success? Do I want that? To be successful in my career, a big success.

Defining success is what my mind keeps coming back too. It's just to complex to define in a sentence  It might take a book to define this one word. I think though, that success is to each it's own. Success is reaching a point in which you are happy but consistently growing in it.

My success mean defying what I think I am capable of and stretching it out. Pushing myself, pushing my confidence and believing in self-faith.

My thought for the day. 

I will no longer be searching for success. No, Today I will Define it. 

Today I will relish in the possibilities I am creating. I will plan with care and dive into the idea that my dreams may scare me just a bit. They might be bigger that I am, but change and drive will lead me. My passion will fuel this hunger for growth and success. 

Today I will be only passionately curious and working harder than ever before to get there. Where ever success is, that is were I will be going. 

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