Friday, December 7, 2012

This thing called change

Change. It's such a simple word and it's almost too easy to throw around. I use this word I use often. I will change my eating habits, I will change my work out routine, I will change that diaper etc. 

We as humans {as women mostly} we seek change in ourselves almost constantly to better ourselves. We all do it and it can be such a  good thing. It's only problem is that it's harder to do than say. We all start off doing really good I am sure. I will run everyday and increase my strength training 6 days a week instead of just 4-5. I will eat healthy everyday and say no to my sweet tooth. I will work from daughters up to daughters down. I will get everything completed on my to-do list and feel accomplished. I will get dressed, hair done and makeup on before my husband comes home from work. I will take the kids to the park everyday. I will in essence work hard to get at-least close to my own idea of perfection. I strive to get here and stay here. My only problem, is staying here. I can't last  several weeks of this and then I crash and get into a funk. I lose my motivation and just want to relax and get the bare minimum done on my to-do list. I break, just like every human out there who has broken before but I am sick of it. I want this life style. I want to feel the way I do when I am on top of things everyday. I love that feeling. I feel like a good mom, a good wife, on top of things, fit and healthy and happy. So I am going to start working on one thing. Changing my breaking point. I would like to change my breaking point from 2 weeks {usually} to 2 days. These 2 days I can be as lazy as I want {of course I would still need to care for the kids}, but screw laundry and hard work outs and cartoons. Those 2 days will be like heaven and I will get a max of 2 days a month, so I can still keep up on everything else and not get to that breaking point. 

Change. It's so easy say and hard to do, so I am going to list the tools I use to be changing. 

1. I make lists. Lots of lists.
2. I like waking up and getting all computer stuff done in the morning then no computer till later {unless I am working} because I could spend all day on pinterest and twitter. 
3. I clean the house before nap time, working during nap time, and workout after nap time. Who needs a clock I just need to know nap time. 
4. Have a bed time {this is hard for me because I am a night owl}. My new bed time is 9:30-10pm. 
5. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner and plan it the night before. 
6. Make my family happy daily. tickle time, dancing like a goof ball with my kids, making my husband happy {wink}, talk to them and listen to them {even if your two year old only babbles and your husbands job is too complicated to understand}.This way they don't notice you are working so much. 
7. Have an escape. {like running, or drawing, or cooking, or bubble baths. Something that you can do if you have a bad day}
8. Have something to look forward to all the time. I look forward to clothes that look good on me, being able to chase my kids for more than a half hour. I look forward to having a successful etsy business and having a craft table at the big craft fair this fall. I look forward to having a beautiful DIY crafted home and so so much more. 
9. remember that I am not perfect and if I screw something up. Well there is tomorrow or right now. Try again. 

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