Saturday, November 17, 2012

Been MIA

Been MIA. I keep having
intentions to write.
Intentions to feel something enormous and heart felt.
I carry such emotions (monthly emotions)
and feel I need to express it.
So, I kept looking and thinking
Deeply thinking how I could express
All the Beauty in the world
But how do you describe your world?
It has beautiful little ringlet curls and extremely ticklish toes.
It likes hot coco with the mini marshmellos
It has couples dance in the kitchen making chicken caccaitore
It has things that keep me busy
It makes me cherish any down time to snuggle with my mini BFF's
It has rain in the background
It carries that smell in the air
It allows for deep sleep
Its turn taking with naps
It is baking warm foods of deliciousness.
Its the little moments and later on feel so


Here are some pictures I am working on for my Wall of Black and White prints

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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App








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  1. Great shots! I love the one with the milk sweet